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Legend Silicon Corp.

Legend Silicon Corp chooses Scalar Soft's ChipTrac� software to manage its distributed manufacturing operations.

Scalar Soft’s ChipTrac™ Product is a Totally Integrated Solution for Distributed Manufacturing Operations

Fremont, California

Scalar Soft, Inc., announced today that Legend Silicon Corp , of Fremont, California, has purchased its ChipTrac™ supply chain management software to virtually monitor, analyze, and manage their global distributed manufacturing operations from anywhere in the world.

Legend Silicon Corp is a fabless semiconductor company engaging in the development of broadband wireless transmission technologies and products. Legend Silicon was founded in 1999 in Silicon Valley, Calif., by graduates of Tsinghua University. The company has operations in Fremont, Calif., and the Chinese cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin. The mission of Legend Silicon is to become a leading supplier of technology and silicon solutions for a new generation of broadband wireless broadcasting, initially focusing on China market.

Scalar Soft provides web-based solutions that go the extra mile--delivering a seamless, cost-effective method by which companies can monitor and integrate their internal flow and requirements with those of their outside contractors.

“Rapidly growing fabless semiconductor companies need a totally integrated supply chain management solution that is easy to use and scalable,” said Johny Mathew, CEO and President of Scalar Soft, Inc. “That is why we designed ChipTrac™ and our other decision support tools for supply chain management specifically for the semiconductor industry.”

About Legend Silicon Corp.

Legend Silicon has been actively involved in the development of the China Digital Television Terrestrial Broadcasting System Standard (GB20600-2006) and helped develop the core technology for the standard. The company established the joint Digital TV Technology Research Center with Tsinghua University in 2000. There a new advanced modulation technology�CTDS-OFDM (Time Domain Synchronous�COrthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing)�C was developed. Using TDS-OFDM, Tsinghua University and Legend Silicon patented and brought to market a new terrestrial DTV broadcasting protocol, called DMB-T (Digital Multimedia/TV Broadcasting-Terrestrial). DMB-T is the backbone of the China DTV Terrestrial standard, which was successfully tested by the Standardization Administration of China (SAC). The standard��s advanced features and superior performance exceed the functionality of existing terrestrial DTV standards in Europe and the United States. Legend Silicon also has developed the DMB-TH (Digital Multimedia/Television Broadcasting-Terrestrial/Handheld), a new advanced scheme that supports fixed, mobile and handheld reception of terrestrial DTV broadcasting and is incorporated in the China standard. For more information, visit http://www.legendsilicon.com

About Scalar Soft, Inc.

Scalar Soft, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is a leading provider of scalable, easy-to-use, supply chain management solutions for the semiconductor industry. Scalar Soft’s web-based decision support tools enable fabless semiconductor companies to virtually monitor, analyze, and manage, in real time, every aspect of their global distributed manufacturing operation from anywhere in the world. Scalar Soft is a privately held company with offices in California, Maine, Texas, and India. It was founded in October of 2001 and has been profitable since January of 2003. For more information, please visit us at

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