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Fabless semiconductor companies focus on the design and marketing of its product without the burden of building, operating and upgrading a manufacturing facility. By adopting a fabless business strategy, a company can focus time and resources on the design of innovative integrated circuits, while avoiding the high cost of operating an internal fabrication facility.

However, these companies also have their unique business requirement. A key requirement is to keep a track of each and every step of the manufacturing process. Efficient tracking and analyzing of the manufacturing process could make the difference between a successful and failed implementation. ChipTrac provides the absolute solution! ChipTrac is a web based solution that seamlessly integrates every step of the manufacturing process into a Global Virtual Factory (GVF) which allows products to be viewed, analyzed and managed throughout the entire manufacturing process.

  Web-enabled solution.
  Easy-to-use program with user friendly screens.
  User friendly templates for printing and transmitting sales orders.
  Various file formats (PDF, HTML, etc.).
  Ability to produce various kinds of reports and alerts.
  Multiple Inputs (auto fills, API’s feed, alerts, etc).
  Ability to customize reports and transfer into Word or Excel.
  New vendor connectivity can be established as required for each customer.
  Web-based solution that is easily portable to any platform and can be accessed from anywhere.
  ChipTrac includes required functionalities to manage operations and quality for fabless semiconductor companies.
  Streamlines communications between functional groups within fabless companies.
  ChipTrac creates a communication channel between fabless companies and their subcontractors.
  Yield losses can be reviewed and corrective actions enforced.
  Various hosting options.
  Flexible monthly payment plans.
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