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Scalar Soft was founded in 2001 by Johny Mathew, a seasoned veteran who has had more than two decades of experience in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. His experience gives him the insight to understand the unique needs and requirements of the fabless semiconductor industry.

Mr. Mathew’s experiences in the semiconductor manufacturing industry while assisting numerous customers to meet the challenges of keeping reports updated manually, shortening cycle times, minimizing inventory, making prudent management decisions and finding the best Return on Investment (ROI) gave birth to a dream that today is Scalar Soft Inc. His vision was to assist customers in managing the growing complexity of the manufacturing process at both fab and fabless semiconductor companies.

As envisioned by Mr. Mathew, Scalar Soft today develops products which allow fabless semiconductor companies to analyze and manage their globally distributed manufacturing operations from anywhere in the world. Scalar Soft today not only assists the semiconductor industry, but also extends its many services in various vertical domains.

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