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Outsourcing Aid

Want to setup your own operations in India? Scalar Soft can facilitate the process in a number of ways:

Local Startup Service
 Scalar Soft can provide your business with a fast, efficient and safe way of ramping up your operations in India by providing a one-stop service for everything you need to get started. We will arrange for all your start up requirements such as office space, conference rooms, telephone lines and high speed internet connections. Scalar Soft personnel will be made available to you to help you get things up and running, quickly and efficiently. Moreover, Scalar Soft personnel assigned to your operation will be solely dedicated to your business, and you can at a future date hire them and make them a permanent part of your company as your India operations grow.
Local Office Space
 Scalar Soft can provide you with office space in our new business complex in Bangalore.
Local Administrative Support
 Scalar Soft can provide local high quality administrative support.
Local Technical Staff
 Scalar Soft can provide you with excellent local technical personnel to augment your staff or perform custom development.

For more information on Scalar Soft's out sourcing aid please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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